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NewVersion 1.3 is now available for download with the brand new upload field.

Forms made simple (and cute).

Designless, multistep, conversational, secure, all-in-one WordPress forms plugin.

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Stable release v1.3.1 Require WordPress v5.6+


Theme-agnostic design that works

Formality is an all-in-one WordPress form plugin that puts design and user experience first. Each form is characterized by an essential interface and a modern layout that follows the most recent UX patterns. No frills, no superfluous or overly characterized elements. No matter what theme you are using... with a few simple options you can quickly customize your forms and align them to your website design.

Individual design*

Too cute. Isn't it? However, you will hardly be able to use it on your site, unless you have a pet shop. * Pen by Olivia Ng


Simply a toggle. Suitable for any website thanks to the clean and essential design, uniform across all UI elements.

Choose the type between classic and conversational, set the style and colors, or choose one of our presets based on a selection of the best Unsplash* photos. In a few minutes, you can compose rich and engaging forms.

Each form will be accessible via a standalone page, but you can also include it within another post/page of your site via the Formality form block or the [formality] shortcode.

* Unsplash is a registered trademark of Unsplash Inc. Formality is not affiliated, associated, or endorsed by Unsplash. Formality only provides a simple way to download an image set from Unsplash servers, that you can easily use in your forms.


Gutenberg-based form builder

No new complex editors to learn. Formality's form builder is entirely based on Gutenberg, the native WordPress v5+ block editor. Creating a new form is as easy as creating a simple post or page on your site. Choose the design, layout, and fields of your form and build complex questionnaires in minutes.

For each type of input, we have provided a single block that you can insert as you like within the form. You can control the appearance and characteristics of each field from the controls on the sidebar.

Formality fields

We have already developed several field types to choose from, but we are always working on developing new solutions. Hidden fields will be the next available shortly. Stay up to date!

Don't like Gutenberg? Do you use the classic editor or a third-party editor? Don't worry! The block editor will be only activated for the editing of your Formality forms. The forms created can then be included within your content with the [formality] shortcode, usable with any editor.


How to build a form from scratch in a jiffy!


Last, but certainly not least

Formality is a brand new WordPress project (as you can see from the active installations count :), funded by the free time of a single frontend developer. Formality is still a one-man-band but hopes to grow up fast and soon with the WordPress community.

It's not possible to directly compare Formality with other form plugins that have been on the scene for years. Many of them allow greater customization, others have many more types of fields to choose from, still-others have advanced integrations with CRM and external gateways.

Formality bar

Formality is not the best, and nor the most complete form plugin. Formality does few things but it does them well and it continues to improve every day. We have at least 8 reasons to choose Formality today:

  • Designless
    Smart layout with simple UI and common UX patterns
  • Conversational
    Distraction-free form experience
  • Multistep
    Group your questions in a multistep form
  • Simple editor
    Gutenberg-based form builder
  • Smooth
    Async data submit with WP REST API
  • Security
    Prevent spam with built-in token authentication
  • Logic condition
    Conditionally show questions based on user answers
  • Collect data
    Simple interface to manage all your form results

Many features that other plugins consider "premium" are already included in Formality, and many more are already on our roadmap and will be developed and released soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date!

Next steps
  • Field XL

    Upload field

    Allow your users to upload their files and media

    Michele Giorgi v1.3
  • Feature MD

    Export data

    Backup or copy your results to CSV files ready for analysis

    Michele Giorgi Q2 2021
  • Misc XXL


    User reference manual with how-to guides and FAQ

    Michele Giorgi Q2 2021
  • Field XL


    Allow your users to answer with their mic or webcam

    Michele Giorgi Q3 2021
  • Misc MD


    Remove any third-party dependencies from frontend script

    Michele Giorgi Q3 2021

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